About Me

How are you?

Welcome to my new blog. I love writing on blogs. The love of writing grew from the first time blogging. From being unable to write at length, it eventually evolved into a small writer and continued with an interest in photography that until now is still learning and needs continuous development. Life is learning, and as long as we breathe will continue to learn. I really like writing and sometimes writing articles both on the blog and in some print media. Besides, I really like photography, music, and very interested in language and culture. Knowing other cultures is a special love for me, though still more deeply into the culture itself. Why? My country is very rich with a culture that is unfortunate if it is not preserved by the children of his own country. For all of you who want to know more closely with me, do not hesitate to contact me. Through this blog, let’s make friends for the sake of world peace. If not us, who else?

As a Blogger, I am the type of writer who likes to bring and give positive writings. Even if there is a criticism of a thing, I will pack it with a very subtle style of language. Nothing, I feel a moral responsibility to my blog readers. I’m sure blog readers want to find useful information, not to be exposed to negative posts. This blog contains so much information for readers who have visited my blog.

For me, this blog is a small house. People are free to visit this blog, say hello and so forth. Everything I write here is the result of my own thoughts, although there are some selected articles that I took from the blog of the friends. In this blog I do not offer anything. I just write when I want to write, and when I do not want to write then I also do not write. But even though I’m not writing, I do not let this “little house” dormant without a dweller.

I am not pursuing material from writing, nor am I pursuing the popularity of writing, just wanting to gain inner satisfaction as I string up word for word. If anyone reads my writing and gets the benefit of this paper, for me it is a bonus. But if anyone feels less agree with the content of my writing, for me it is the right of every individual. Most importantly for me, in writing I never slander, provoke, incite, and so forth. Hopefully what I share can be useful and can be additional knowledge for those of you who read it. Let’s share stories and constructive criticism and suggestions. Not entirely this blog contains articles that actual, because some articles on this blog is also an opinion or my thoughts. So, if you want to find another reference, you can search it on the internet. You can also contact me if there is anything you want to add to the progress of this blog.

Let’s be friends and share the fun and knowledge together with people from all over the world!