Best place for vacation now have experience unsettled event

Fantasy world (Dufan) as one of the favorite recreation places for teenagers or family vacation targets that presents a lot of games, finally becomes a tourist choice to fill my vacation this time. From the e-mail to Wikipedia, Dufan officially opened on August 29, 1985. This tourist attraction stands on an area of ??9.5 hectares in the tourist area of ??Taman Impian Jaya Ancol, North Jakarta. This year, Dufan will be 30 years old since incident dufan mati a period that is not short for a tourist spot that has a lot of charm that can attract visitors who want to fill a holiday with a game that challenges adrenaline and full of excitement and joy that certainly will not be easily forgotten and make visitors want to come again. For those of you who use public transportation you use the busway as an alternative vehicle.

Dufan’s specialty is that you only need to come to one place, you can play as much as you want all day. Various types of game rides are in Dufan, ranging from those intended for children (Istana Boneka) to those that drive adrenaline (Tornadoes). At present, the Dufan model game vehicle is in many places. It must be just this hysterical expression that will come out of your mouth. Because this vehicle makes hysterical no names are more suitable than Hysteria. This vehicle is in the form of two towers with a height of 60 meters each with a capacity of 24 seats once this rides ever down because of electric disfunction that cause dufan mati. The vehicle seat is then raised to a certain height slowly for a few seconds.

Seconds later, the seat was fired at a height of 50 meters with a speed of 4 times the speed of gravity. After being in the peak you will be presented with a view of the beach that is so beautiful. Then when you are enjoying the beauty of God’s creation, suddenly the chair is lowered at a speed of minus one speed of gravity. You can’t be hysterical when trying it. Lightning is a roller coaster for adults this rides also down when incident of dufan mati appears. Apparently, the roller coaster has become a mandatory vehicle for a playground. Likewise in Dufan. This game is a visitor favorite to test the guts because it offers complete tension. Speeding, going up, down, cornering sharply, sliding upside down, everything is there. You are a big fan of having to ride this vehicle.

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