Do you want to buy gold? Watch This Before Buying

Currently, reportedly the price of gold is falling (around 3%). Inevitably there were many people who hunted him. Gold is one of the most popular expensive metals but can be used as an investment tool that is not affected by inflation, it can also be worn as jewelry to beautify yourself. Gold traded is commonly classified into three varieties, namely solid (bars/coins), jewelry and white. Before purchasing gold, you should know what is the purpose of buying it. If you choose to invest, buy one in the form of bars or coins. But to just collect and keep watch when the financial situation is difficult, you can choose the form of jewelry. Before getting gold, first set your goals. If you want to invest, choose gold bars or coins, because the intrinsic value is relatively large. As for jewelry as well as savings, it can choose gold that has a high level. For gold jewelry, the sale value is relatively higher if the shine is still very well maintained. The price of gold is different every day, so you must check it on the market. Open sites that specialize in this such as Custom grillz.

It is very important to determine a good place to buy gold. Buy gold in a shop that has a clear reputation. This is useful to provide a sense of security and good quality. Also, note the resale price at the store, don’t let the resale price drop dramatically. Avoid buying gold at the same price as stated in the letter. In choosing gold, preferably it looks clean without green stains in its pores. Some stores often consider this to be something normal, but not. The sign the gold has not been washed properly and still leaves chemical residues that can cause allergies. If you choose to buy gold in the form of jewelry, check well if there are scratches, hollows or other defects. Because when you want to sell it again, this will affect the price. Standard gold levels in gold shops are somewhat different. 24-carat gold is 90% gold, 23-carat gold is 70% gold, 22-carat gold is 40% gold and others. You could say, the system of buying and selling gold in the market (traditional-gold shops) is indeed quite alarming because there are no systems and standards that become price consistency, weight or level.

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