Dufan offer complimentary after the recent accident of rides malfunction

Coupled with a variety of facilities that are increasingly complete, making Dufan become one of the right tourist destinations for long school holidays and when the Eid holiday arrives. Dufan admission prices vary, depending on visitors who want to enjoy each ride. Even so, there are also ticket prices that can be reached for the standard economy class. Dufan has a variety of regions. This is intended so that visitors can feel a different sensation in each region. Moreover, the area offered can also evoke the sensation of Dufan visitors to feel a different atmosphere like European nuances, Jakarta in the past, America, Asia, Indonesia, Greek fantasies to fantasy stories. In addition to presenting a variety of game attractions and educational facilities, Dufan also has a number of domestic and foreign restaurants and Jakarta and Indonesian souvenir shops.Especially in a crowded period of visitors, it’s good to have a plan, in order to save time. In addition, Dufan also actually provides facilities for baby stroller or stroller. This baby carriage can be used for free harga annual pass dufan. But unfortunately, the number is limited. The following is a vehicle that is suitable for children.

Still in the European region, but to the east side of the Istana Boneka. This vehicle is a kind of stuntman live action performance. On the stage there were various special effects such as moving performances, explosions, shots and the use of water and fire. This vehicle is in the Indonesian region and close to TreasureLand rides. Alap-alap is a roller coaster ride but in mini size for children. It’s just that there is a minimum height for visitors that is 100 centimeters.

Previously Sky Swing rose at a height of 35 meters quickly, but not until halfway down, the game stopped when dufan mati. Passengers consisting of these children look so scared and cold. The parents of a passenger and aware of this incident said he was very worried. He also revealed that “My child was in a very high place and he looked so frightened. He also looked very cold. This was a terrible event.”For this dufan mati incident, the playground called the fire department to evacuate all victims consisting of children.

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