Facts About Herpes

Herpes is a disease characterized by the appearance of blisters on the skin that are reddish and filled with fluid. Herpes is a long-term condition, the virus can last a lifetime in the body. Among the many herpes viruses, herpes simplex and herpes zoster are the two most prevalent diseases. Various natural herpes medications and from the doctor will help relieve symptoms and even shorten their appearance. One of the most effective skin herpes medications to treat herpes simplex or zoster is antiviral drugs. You can also visit our website to get the best Herpes Supplement that can help you to stay away from herpes.

Herpes is an infection caused by the herpes virus. Herpes virus itself consists of eight types but only two of the most common types of viruses are herpes simplex and zoster. Herpes simplex is a type of venereal disease, so it is often known as genital or genital herpes. In genital herpes, there are two types of viruses that attack:

– HSV-1, known as oral herpes which can cause blisters and lumps that blister around the mouth and face.

– HSV-2 belongs to the genital herpes group (genital) and usually appears on the outer genitals and the area around the anus.

In addition to herpes simplex, herpes zoster is one of the diseases caused by the herpes virus. Shingles is a herpes disease caused by the varicella-zoster virus. Shingles are usually characterized by a reddish rash on the skin that causes pain and burning. Herpes zoster is also called snake chickenpox or smallpox because there will be blisters on the skin in the form of lines or small areas on one side of the face or body and it feels quite hot like burning. Usually, herpes zoster is preceded by a history of having had chickenpox, then reappears when the immune system decreases.

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