Here Is The Secret How To Open A Padlock Without A Key

Maybe there are some people who often forget to keep the lock, even though maybe the lock is the only key they have. For those of you who often experience this event, lose or maybe forget to keep the lock. In this article we will provide ways and tips for unlocking locks, using only wire and clips. But we need to remind you, do not use these methods with the intention to commit a crime, once again the author is very unfortunate if you do that because it will lead to sin. Meanwhile, if you’ve accidentally lost your car keys, just call the trusted experts of article source.

How to open a padlock using a clip or wire

The methods are arguably so easy even for ordinary people. In using this method you don’t need to use a special tool and don’t bother looking for it, because all you need is to prepare only clips or thin wire.

1. Bend a little on the end of the thin wire that you will use. Next, you need a second wire that serves to hold the pins in the padlock to keep it flat.

2. Flatten the key pins using a wire that has been bent until everything is flat, you only need to gouge the pins one by one to even them.

3. Use a straight wire as a wire holder to direct the bent wire so it doesn’t slip when moving the pins.

4. When all pins are flat, the next step is to rotate the key house with the retaining wire slowly. If you do not experience any problems, the lock will usually open easily.

When doing this method, it requires high precision and patience and cannot be done in a very short time, especially if you are the first to do it. Why did it happen? Because the pins in the padlock are very large. But if you can do it very carefully and patiently, then you can avoid damage to the door.

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