Prevent Air Pollution By Not Using Motor Vehicles

Motor vehicles are increasing in number it makes you have to inhale the air pollution that sucks and disrupt your breathing health. Thus, many people now prefer escooters because they do not cause increased air pollution. If you also want to contribute to it, then you can use the escooter you need.

In addition, there are some other things you can do in order to reduce the air pollution that is around you. some things that can be away and you can do is

1. If the distance traveled is not too far, then we can use the bike or walk for our daily activities. Cycling and walking not only reduce the amount of air pollution but also help maintain our body’s health. In addition, by using a bicycle or on foot then we can save costs because we do not need to spend on fuel oil for vehicles.

2. If the distance traveled medium to far, ie more than 3 kilometers, then we can use public transportation, such as buses, trains, and so forth. The goal is to reduce the volume of vehicles and the resulting gas emissions every day.

3. Establish a three in one system, this is done to reduce the use of four-wheeled vehicles, because the three-in-one system requires at least three people in one vehicle. Because if not applied the three-in-one system, then the volume of the vehicle will progressively increase.

4. We can also do a car-free day program, which aims to reduce the use of four-wheeled vehicles because most vehicles in the city are dominated by four-wheeled vehicles. So by car-free day, then we can reduce the air pollution generated by four-wheeled vehicles.

In these four ways, many people expect their environment to be clean from the dirty air and air pollution that disturbs their breathing.

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