Sharks Makes You Scare? Overcome With This Way!

Sharks, hearing this word, and those who imagine a big, white fish that has sharp and creepy teeth. You will think that sharks are not friendly to humans or at least life other than this colony. Sharks are considered as animals that have attacked, unfortunately, this is just a myth. There are no studies that show that sharks like human flesh, research has found that sharks are more like small-sized marine biota for food and that makes them full so they don’t want to eat humans. When you decide to take a tour swimming with whale sharks, you must be prepared with the consequences, you also have to be ready to follow all the rules proposed by your tour guide.

Because you will not know what you will find when diving. But if you meet a shark, take care of yourself to stay calm. When you enter the water, you must be aware that you have entered a shark environment. But what you have to know is that even though you are near a shark, you are not the food. Realize that they are there, that’s where they live. Although there may be a bite, sharks do not naturally see humans as food. We are not included in the menu. It is said by professional tour guides that sharks have mouths filled with rows of evil teeth. But to reduce anxiety and allow you to stay calm, you can focus on looking at the tail instead.

To make yourself calm, of course, you have to breathe calmly too. Even though you will be nervous when dealing with them, try to keep breathing calmly. If you are still nervous about swimming in the sea with sharks, you can use other methods by inviting Dirimua yourself. Professional Guides think that talking to yourself can also help. Tell yourself that everything is fine. Many people are too confident and touch the shark’s body parts with their hands. But for those of you who have never done it better, don’t do it. Because touch on certain parts of the body can interfere with the sensor which causes rough movements of the shark.

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