The UK Becomes the Choice of Housing, Why Not?

Chasing dreams to study abroad? Who doesn’t want to? Especially in the last 4 years, the opportunity to reach various kinds of scholarship programs is open as wide as possible. However, for those who are married, taking results for study abroad is not an easy result. There are many differences to think about. Before moving on in the next stages, there is a large program that holds joint discussions with my dear ones. Are you ready to invite your family with all the consequences? Leaving our hometown, even our beloved homeland, for one, two, three years for the right time. There are things that must definitely be sacrificed if you want to invite your family to accompany us during your study in the destination country. Employment, amount of savings, children’s education, possible statements are examples of things that can be done well before making this big decision. And certainly remember, every family has different conditions. It is not always inviting your partner and baby to accompany us to the destination country to be better than the temporary (temporary) release. Please note that you will make a decision to connect your family to the UK, so you and your family, CEFR B1, will need an exam. This test is a must for those of you who wish to live in England with your family. Visit for more information.

Still related to the first point, but this time it focuses on the aspects of the scholarship you get. For those of you who have the opportunity to study abroad through scholarships, please pay attention to what facilities can be done by getting an education there. How? Googling, check the related scholarship website, ask the same scholarship recipients in the previous year/wave, and the books given if they have been obtained. Make sure you know whether it provides family benefits as long as you live there or not. Different scholarships, maybe different policies. So, convince yourself who really knows this, not because he said. The reason is certainly that the family life allowance is one of the important considerations in making this big decision. If you are sure to bring your family.

When bringing a family, they must add. As much as possible dig information as deeply as possible the standard of living in the city that is the target of your campus. Many sites that provide information like this, or easily you can ask directly to Indonesian students who are/have studied in the city. Make sure you receive the amount of money that must be spent to meet the needs of monthly living, each city has a different standard.

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