These Foods Turn Out To Contain Potassium Substances That Are Good For The Body

Potassium or better known as potassium minerals is one type of mineral important for increasing energy, stamina and health of other organs. In the chemical analysis industry, potassium is used as one of the reagent analysis compounds. Analysis of this reagent uses instrumentos de laboratorio specifically for molecular separation.

As explained, potassium has important minerals for the health of organs. Of course, if consumed in the appropriate amount. Potassium is not only found in chemical drugs. For those of you who want to increase the number of minerals in the body to increase energy, potassium is also contained in daily food. The following are some foods that turn out to contain high potassium:

– All types of oranges
Sweet orange fruit which if consumed in a large bowl (4 pieces). In it, there is about 400 mg of potassium and there are also calcium and folate substances that can work with potassium which can protect the skin from free radicals and protect the deepest skin tissue.

– Yogurt
Yogurt that is made from fruits or vegetables if consumed as much as one medium-sized glass (about 227 mg). There are 579 grams of potassium which can work with the lactobacillus bacteria in counteracting the attacks of bacteria and viruses resulting from food and free radicals in the body.

– All types of bananas
All types of bananas if you consume 1 medium-size fruit, in which there are approximately 975 grams of potassium substances that can work with Vitamin C and A and the fiber in bananas can increase the body’s immunity from free radical attack and healthy collagen cells that are under skin to stay healthy and make skin supple and naturally moist.

– Pure cow’s milk
Pure cow’s milk without added sugar or other ingredients, if consumed in a medium-sized glass, it contains about 400 grams of potassium which can work with calcium. The protein in it can increase muscle mass and increase bone and tooth density to stay strong and healthy.

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