Tips You Can Do When You Witness An Auto Accident

Road accidents occur every day. Not infrequently we see that when driving. This is what needs to be done if you encounter a traffic accident. Don’t be apathetic. It is important for motorists who see an accident to be caring. Meanwhile, you can call the best personal injury lawyers if you become a victim of a hit-and-run accident.

The following are guidelines from experts:

1. Mastering the situation

After seeing a traffic accident record the vehicle involved in the accident. If there is a vehicle that will escape, record the vehicle data such as: license plate, type, brand, type and color of the vehicle. Keep crowds of people who smoke or smoke. Helping the victim if there is one, is immediately sent to the nearest hospital. Securing the victim’s belongings, do not get stolen by ignorant hands. While turning off the vehicle to avoid the possibility of a bigger accident, cover the fuel spill. If at night avoid using lighting with fire, lighting is only allowed by using batteries or the like.

2. Providing help

A. In giving help, use first aid in an accident properly, if it is not right it can endanger the victim.

B. Stop the vehicle that is on the first occasion if there are victims who need to be taken to the hospital, do not forget to record the vehicle number and bring it to where the victim was taken.

C. If the situation permits, try to contact the victim’s family based on available instructions or information.

D. In helping the victims try to give priority to helping victims who have suffered severe injuries.

3. Contact the clerk

A. Try to contact the nearest officer at the scene of an accident either by telephone or intermediary of the people around him.

B. The victim can be moved from the original place by previously marking the place of the victim located by using lime or other objects.

C. Submit to the Officer everything you do, tell the chronology of the incident and answer if asked. Give your address to the Officer and you are very commendable if you volunteered to be a witness in the future.

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