Treat Your Grass With The Next Three Phases

If you plan to plant grass in your yard, then make sure that you get the right grass and fit your home page. And if the grass is long and disturbing the plants around it, then you should cut it regularly. You can use best zero turn mowers as the best lawn mower you can use.

Another thing you should also take into consideration is how to take good care of the grass to get the best grass for your yard. Some tips on caring for a good and proper grass are

– Phase of planting
Before you start planting grass, make sure the soil condition is good and loose. This will greatly affect the grass and other plants to be planted there. From various poop grasses that exist, rarely plant about 10 cm from one grass to the other grass. Do not be too tight because it will inhibit the growth of the grass. after all, the grass will grow by itself and cover the empty area of ??the land.

– Phase cultivate
If you have finished with the planting phase, then you can sprinkle with fertilizer. This is an important step and not missed. If this step is missed, then the grass will wilt and change color to yellow and not as fertile and green as you expect. If the fertilizing phase has been completed, then you can water the crop area with water. Keep the entire surface of the grass has been fertilized and watered well. This is to make the fertilizer can be absorbed properly and fused into the soil.

– Caring for
Within a month after planting, the grass will grow by about 50%. To keep the freshness of the grass, then you must take care of it for about 2-3 weeks. In fact, you also have to water the grass every day for maximum results.

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