Variety of facilities are created to support dufan become more attractive

Coupled with a variety of facilities that are increasingly complete, making Dufan become one of the right tourist destinations for long school holidays and when the Eid holiday arrives. Dufan admission prices vary, depending on visitors who want to enjoy each ride. Even so, there are also ticket prices that can be reached for the standard economy class.

Dufan has a variety of regions. This is intended so that visitors can feel a different sensation in each region. Moreover, the area offered can also evoke the sensation of Dufan visitors to feel a different atmosphere. If you want to feel it, go directly to the vehicle and make it safe to make cheap travel insurance that will bear unwanted risks. dufan mati or better known as Dufan is one of the exciting holiday destinations in Ancol which presents outdoor playgrounds and learning facilities for students.

Here, there are many vehicles that can be enjoyed by visitors such as Turangga-Rangga, Bianglala, Kora-kora, Hysteria Dufan, Dufan Tornado, Palace of Dolls, White Water Rafting, Niagara Dufan, Dufan Teapots, and many others. Atlantis Water Adventure. Is a playground that carries the theme of water tourism which gives a very pleasant concept. In this vehicle, there are eight pools of water with different theme treats, one of which is swimming together with dolphins. It’s best to ride this ride at sunset. The scenery is much more beautiful. Or for those of you who like the extreme version of the , which is commonly called my chirping, make sure it’s ready to make you spin and dont worry about you become stuck on top again, upside down, twist, while sliding. It should be noted before that your stomach should not be fully filled while riding this vehicle or what you just ate can come out again. Kora Kora is in the form of a swinging boat. The boat is a Korean-style barge that is swung very high with a 90 degree slope. This ride makes the heart pound. Sensations when swinging to high once swung down make the heart beat faster than usual. Moreover, these kora swing more than once so make sure you hold tight to the safety device.

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