Various Healthy Food Choices After Exercising

Not only before exercise, eating the right foods after exercise can maximize body health and burning calories. Come on, choose and prepare your food after exercising properly. People often think about what foods will be consumed before exercise. In fact, food choices after exercise are no less important. When you exercise, muscles use glycogen reserves as fuel so that some of the protein in the muscles will also be damaged. Then the body will rebuild glycogen reserves and repair muscle protein after exercise. Eating carbohydrates and protein after exercise can help speed up this process. Appropriate food consumption is very important, especially after heavy exercise. This food, according to vegan news, acts to help accelerate recovery and restore energy reserves. In addition, it can also help the formation of new muscle tissue and restore electrolyte balance and body fluids.

Eating after exercising is recommended around 45 minutes after exercising. The researchers found the importance of consuming the right amount of carbohydrates and proteins. As an illustration, people who exercise can consume 30-40 grams of healthy carbohydrates and 20-30 grams of lean protein, to increase muscle size. You can consume a choice of healthy proteins and carbohydrates, especially after doing sports that require physical endurance such as running and swimming. You can choose oats, boiled potatoes, red or white rice, with egg or vegetable capcay and skinless chicken breast. Make sure the portions are not excessive!

Mineral water may be enough if you exercise for less than 1 hour. But electrolyte drinks may be needed if you exercise longer. In addition, low-fat chocolate milk or smoothies with a mixture of yogurt, almond milk, and soybeans can also be an option. For those of you who are very busy, and want a more practical choice of food, energy bars can be the right choice. Choose energy bars that contain 5 grams of protein, with carbohydrates and a little fat. Even though it looks small, this food contains nutrients needed after exercising.

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