You Can Improve the Quality of Body Health by Eating Potatoes

Do you like potatoes? This material can be made into any brunch menu. The changing times, as well as the habits of people who choose to skip breakfast and eat before lunch time. This is what is called brunch. Potatoes are present as one of the processed foods that can make satiety even at night. Potatoes can be processed into anything, even into cakes and pancakes.

The reason potatoes are used as processed foods is because potatoes contain vitamins and have many benefits. For people with diabetes, potatoes become one of the pleasant alternative foods without increasing blood sugar levels. In addition to reducing blood sugar levels, this is another benefit of eating potatoes regularly and in the right portion:

– Promotes digestion
High fiber makes potatoes one of the vegetables that are good for digestion. Not only that, but the high carbohydrate content in potatoes also makes these vegetables easy to digest so it does not add to the workload of our digestive system.

– Maintain a healthy brain and nervous system
Vitamin B6 contained in potatoes is very important for maintaining nerve health, namely by creating brain chemicals, including serotonin, dopamine, and norepinephrine. In other words, consuming potatoes will help reduce depression and stress. On the other hand, carbohydrates in potatoes can maintain the level of glucose needed to maintain brain performance.

– Maintain heart health
The fiber content in potatoes will help clear the cholesterol in the blood clot which will ultimately help maintain heart health. Similarly, vitamin C, B6, and carotenoids will maintain heart function.

– Anti Inflammation
Nutrients contained in potatoes such as vitamin C, vitamin B, and potassium are good sources for relieving inflammation, both internal and external, such as inflammation of the intestines and digestive system. Because it’s soft and easy to digest then makes potatoes a good diet for those who have mouth sores.

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